“I’m looking to secure about 200k to finance a multi-niche exciting blog”

Over on BofA’s Small Business Community, someone asked (“Securing business financing“): Hello! and Happy New Year! I was wondering could someone please advise me on ways I can secure business financing for my business, operating since January 2009. I already know that I will not be approve for traditional financing so I am not seeking […]

Stat of the Day from Niki: “Since Move’…

Stat of the Day from Niki: “Since Move’s founding in 1993, as InfoTouch Corp., it’s amassed losses of $2 billion, making a profit in only two years — $20.9 million in 2006, and $500,000 in 2005, Move said in its annual report.“

45 Things I Learned at RE Connect

(some names left anonymous to protect the innocent) There’s a hell of a lot of VC money floating around this industry. I was surprised at how many people there were with lots of VC funding. Joel seemed to notice the same thing: “a whole new crop of real estate search sites that are going to […]

Speaking of Altos Research…

Mike mentioned a while back that he is speaking at O’Reilly’s Money:Tech conference, but he didn’t toot his own horn to let us all know he hit Tim’s Radar a few days ago. Altos Research is one of the few start-ups in the online real estate space that genuinely excites me.  It’s only a matter […]

BusinessWeek’s Hot Property covers an…

…innovative debt management strategy.   Is it too little, too late?