After setting up a Facebook page for 4RealzEd and…

…we’re up to over 50 fans in a two days. (there is always room for a few more!) 😉

Lots of others have talked about the process of setting up a Facebook page for your business, but I thought I’d reintegrate that it is darn easy… As an added bonus, it has pleasantly surprised me the number of people who have signed up as “fans” who aren’t connected to me on Facebook. This tells me that the viral nature of showing up other people’s news feeds and profiles is actually working to help promote the 4RealzEd events.

LinkedIn, because…

…my facebook addiction runs pretty deep (thanks mostly to so many of my family members joining up) and while I could easily set up another site similar to 4realz, I wouldn’t (easily) give up the freedom of having a personal blog. On LinkedIn the community is pretty weakly connected and really only good for finding another job.

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Anyone else convinced that no one really…

Anyone else convinced that no one really knows what a social networking site is?

New Lease on Life for Friendster?

Among social-networking sites, Hitwise said, MySpace accounted for 80 percent of all visits, well ahead of second-place Facebook, at 7.6 percent.
YouTube overtakes MySpace:

The video sharing site has taken a 3.9% share of global internet visits a day compared with 3.35% for MySpace, according to internet analysis company Alexa.

I definitely think of YouTube as a social networking site.