“In fact some lawyers would rather see their name…

…at the top of search results or on the back of a phone book than have a reputation as a trusted and reliable authority in a niche area of the law.”

Notorious Rob has some interesting insight around how to use social media

Looking for a Social Media ROI?

So is Notorious Rob

The problem is that the quality of marketing matters so much and some of the best marketing is extremely niche focused and doesn’t necessarily scale or translate in other locations well.

Of course there are examples of people doing extremely well with hard-sell techniques and people doing extremely well with soft-sell techniques.  But the reality is that most agents using either of these techniques (or some hybrid) are largely failing to get a good return on the money they spend on marketing.

My take is that the most important improvement that many agents could make to their marketing is simply to learn to do a better job creating, measuring, tracking and tweaking their marketing plans.   In other words, some people will do much better at soft-sell techniques, while others will thrive in hard-sell situations…

And while it would be possible to show individual cases where people using either a hard-sell or soft-sell strategy was able to outshine and dominate their competition, in practice, ROI is not measured at an industry-wide level.  Rather marketing ROI for agents is measured at the individual level and needs to answer basic questions like “Did I optimize my marketing time/dollars to achieve my desired objective?”