Nothing like an Inman event in NYC!

I’m always get excited before heading out to an Inman event… The team at Inman has always made sure I get some great visibility through speaking and moderating panels, and truth be told, I simply have a blast meeting up with all my real estate friends.

This year is no different, they not only have me speaking about Facebook, but I’m also moderating a technology and media track where I get to host conversations with industry leaders on mobile, wordpress, twitter, and the extendable web (How cool is that???).

But there’s more!

Spinnio Event on InmanThis year, we’re also going to be running Spinnio interviews out of the Inman booth on Wednesday. So far, we’ve got Craig Newmark and Brad Inman confirmed and the Inman team is sure to line up some other great guests over the next few days!

Maybe even cooler, Kris Berg is scheduled to host all the conversations!!! She really is one of my favorite people in the whole world, so I couldn’t be more excited.

What’s up with Spinnio anyway? Why not just live stream the events?

I know I’m a bit biased since Spinnio is my baby, but what excites me (and obviously a few others) about Spinnio events is that they’re meant to get YOU engaged. Using either Facebook chat or Twitter, you get to ask the questions of the guests… You get to banter with them… We’ll be actively monitoring the live streams from both Facebook and Twitter, so getting involved really is simple.

Spinnio really is different. It’s not the usual “live streaming” of interviews or conference sessions. We’re letting you ask the questions of real estate and technology leaders… and all you have to do to take part is to show up at the spinnio event landing page on Inman on Wednesday.

Can’t wait to see you in NYC!

P.S. We’ll be updating this schedule of events as we confirm new guests:

How much value do you get out of listing on Craigslist?

Visits per ad type
Visits per ad type

One of the websites I mentioned at the Inman presentation a few weeks ago was listing number.   One of the most interesting elements of the site is just how trivial it can make tracking ROI of an agents marketing spend… and along those lines, the folks behind Listing Number just published their first set of results for the average number of hits generated by different marketing types.

The dataset is (presumeably) pretty small still, but it is interesting to see just how many hits a craigslist ad generates relative to other marketing options.

Real Estate 2.0 returns from the dead with…

some cheeky predictions around Redfin (they go into the deadpool), Trulia (sell in 2nd quarter of 2009), Zillow (sell to Yahoo in 2 years), Craigslist (more happily paid fees on RE listings) and Bloodhound Unchained (attendees join the cult of Greg).

However, my favorite part of the entire post is Rudy’s comment: “i think 2.x is the real fake greg swann……”

(Thanks to Marlow for this find!) 

Does New York need another…

apartment search?

With only five listings in Brooklyn (push out the price range to show all homes),  I must say I’m not impressed with FlyRig.

Mashable compares the site to Craigslist, but I’m thinking HotPads is a more obvious competitor (and they have ~37 rental listings within the neighborhood of Bay Ridge within Brooklyn).