I think it would be fun to win the…

Best Real Estate Blog as sponsored by the National Association of Real Estate Reporters (NAREE) and judged by the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.

I don’t know anything about NAREE, but somehow I doubt they’d consider me a journalist, so unless I hear someone say there is a remote chance that 4realz could win, I’m (sadly) going to pass on submitting… 🙁

(via Inman News)

Two-weeks of 2007 posts and 4realz has…

…been nominated as one of the 10 most influential real estate blogs of 2007! How very cool!    A huge thanks to Matthew for giving 4realz the nod, as well as my other baby:  Rain City Guide!

However, even amidst all my excitement, I have to ask, where’s Bloodhound and AgentGenius? Might be time for my own list!  🙂