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  • Couldn’t be happier that Mike and the…

    …Altos Research team are the first sponsors we get to announce for the 4Realz Seminars. The main requirement that we have for our sponsors is that they’re able to demonstrate that they provide a product that offers a real value to their clients.    Based on the positive feedback I’ve heard over the past few […]

  • After setting up a Facebook page for 4RealzEd and…

    …we’re up to over 50 fans in a two days. (there is always room for a few more!) 😉 Lots of others have talked about the process of setting up a Facebook page for your business, but I thought I’d reintegrate that it is darn easy… As an added bonus, it has pleasantly surprised me […]

  • It’s time for a 4Realz Internet Marketing Education!

    Word has been leaking all over the RE.net (I wonder how that happened) that I’ve been working with Jim Marks to organize a series of seminars where we aim to educate real estate professionals on how they can improve their internet marketing. Our first event is only two weeks away in Los Angeles and we’re […]