Thank you much Michael…

for the kind wishes.  
I stopped by your booth at NAR a few weeks ago, but missed you.   I’ve got an added incentive to meet up with you now, so hopefully it can happen sooner than later.   

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5 thoughts on “Thank you much Michael…”

  1. Your post already had my brain stirring but Greg’s comment has thrown it into overdrive. Or shut down, which is better than rampant speculation. Anyway, maybe we should chat on the phone. Or I’ll be at Inman in NYC in January. Unless you’d like to come to lovely Miami this week for the RETS meetings. 🙂

  2. Greg: Definitely want to learn a bit more about flexmls b/c they seem to be touching a nerve w/ right people. I’ve spent enough time suffering through the Rapattoni to know that there is an awesome opportunity in this space.

  3. I can tell you one thing. Nothing but greatness could come out of a meeting of the minds between Michael Wurzer and Dustin Luther!

    I’ll be at Connect NYC and would pay just to listen to that conversation!

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