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  • Where else can you get a great conversation around RE BarCamps and Cougars???

    Thanks again to all the people who joined us on today’s radio show. Lani gave a great overview of this week in real estate and then we quickly dived into a conversation about the status and future of RE BarCamps with people such as Stacey Harman, Matt Fagioli and Todd Carpenter. Of course, we followed […]

  • Having way too much fun with Facebook video streaming…

    I’ve been playing pretty hard with Facebook streaming video this week… including an interesting movie promotion. However, because I’m playing with a new Facebook chat feature through RCG’s Facebook Connect, I decided to post about it over there, so please check out this post on RCG: Live Video Streams on RCG? With Facebook Chat?

  • RE:RnD… Status of the real estate market with Jonathan Miller and Matt Heaton

    Just finished up a ridiculously informative (and fun!) show with Jonathan Miller and Matt Heaton as part of the latest RE:RnD radio show. In the beginning, we took a real deep dive into macro-economic issues that are facing the industry and then focused in on how agents can use this knowledge in their business. You […]

  • RE: RnD, Let the games begin!

    Wow! What fun! After announcing the new radio show that Rob and I are launching Thursday morning at 9am PST/noon EST, there’s been a whirlwind of activity… including some great coverage on sites like GeekEstate and Sellsius… We have some great guests lined up and some real estate companies have stepped up to the plate […]

  • Introducing RE: RnD!

    I must admit that when I first heard that ┬áthe Notorious Rob was had left Onboard and joined the ranks of a consultant, I got a bit excited. Rob is one of the smartest thinkers in real estate marketing, and if he’s decided to do consult, then I wanted to find a way for us […]