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  • I don’t think Jay Thompson has ever gon…

    I don’t think Jay Thompson has ever gone on a boring rant, so it’s always interesting to see what gets his blood boiling. And when the topic at hand touches on the current meme of real estate agent professionalism, all the better! Today it is that some North Carolina REALTORS who are protesting a new […]

  • Introducing RE: RnD!

    I must admit that when I first heard that  the Notorious Rob was had left Onboard and joined the ranks of a consultant, I got a bit excited. Rob is one of the smartest thinkers in real estate marketing, and if he’s decided to do consult, then I wanted to find a way for us […]

  • Are your Facebook friends hiding from you?

    Are your Facebook friends hiding from you?

    Turns out the latest update to the Facebook news feeds sets a bunch of feeds that you may want to follow to “hidden” so that they don’t show up in your main feed. This includes both “friends” and “public profiles”, so it’s probably worth checking to see if you have some things hidden that I […]

  • After firing CEO, REA Group reports…

    …substantial growth: Revenues were up 45% to $155.6 million EBITDA was up 56% to $36.6 million. I was recently alerted to Simon Baker’s business blog, My CEO Life, that is just awesome in terms of insight.   Most relevantly, his post from a few weeks ago talks about the day he was fired as the […]

  • Can a Blog be a Community Resource?

    Today I was fortunate to interview a woman who has created a blog that has become a true resource for her community as part of a weekly podcast series I’m doing on Rain City Guide.    This woman spends hours and hours each day crafting posts about her community, everything from local events, new permits, “missing […]

  • New Drugs

    Clearly it is time for me to change my addictions: Bloglines —> Google Reader Findory —> Google News Gmail —> (Still addicted) Plus some new addictions: Facebook Twitter