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  • RE:RnD… Status of the real estate market with Jonathan Miller and Matt Heaton

    Just finished up a ridiculously informative (and fun!) show with Jonathan Miller and Matt Heaton as part of the latest RE:RnD radio show. In the beginning, we took a real deep dive into macro-economic issues that are facing the industry and then focused in on how agents can use this knowledge in their business. You […]

  • Maybe I can offer a totally different perspective

    Hurricane Fannie Freddie got me thinking about an email that I sent out to a Seattle real estate agent not too long ago.     The agent emailed me to say that she thought Rain City Guide’s negativity was only making the Seattle real estate market worse and that we should provide a more positive outlook. This […]

  • Sellers to start certifying their “preowned” homes???

    For around $1000, ZipRealty lets seller certify their home and give buyers some added protection…   It’s an interesting twist on the home warranty protection that many buyer’s agents provide to home buyers after the sale. I can’t decide…  Is it just a sales gimmick by Zip that won’t have much impact?   Or might this actually […]

  • Zillow paints a pretty ugly picture…

    … with their latest home price trends. With the colorful charts and maps, the Zillow team has done a great job becoming the de facto standard for home price trends. The free press they’re getting around this data is incredible.

  • You win some, you lose some…

    A few Bear Stearns stories from around the web: Urban Digs: JP Morgan to BUY Bear Stearns At $2/Share; Fed Acts Spencer Rascoff: Shakespere comes to Wall Street The Big Picture: Two Dollars/share, or an “Orderly Liquidation”?

  • “Median home prices plunged in many of California’s most populous..

    … counties in February, with Southern California leading the slide with an overall drop of 17.9 percent compared to a year earlier.”  🙁

  • Auctions are a small portion of the market, but I still…

    …find it interesting that CB is looking to develop this option in Florida. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I heard auctions make up a large portion of the market in some countries (like Australia).  My take is that the real benefit of an auction model is that in a down market an agents […]

  • Fascinating that Radar Logic didn’t close with

    …Miller Samuel. Jonathan Miller is widely recognized as one of the best in the business, so this can only be seen as a set-back for Radar Logic as they aim to get traction, credibility and trading of derivatives in their Residential Property Index (RPX). (h/t Inman News)

  • A Tale of Two Cities

    Interesting that I’ve been hearing a similar thing from LA agents that Carol of the SF Chron describes: high-end markets are not getting hit hard like middle- and low-end markets. (also interesting that she used Altos Research data to help her reach her conclusions!)

  • Phil is right that dumping 11,000 homes…

    …previously valued at $1.3B for $525M is a huge deal for people who bought “Lennar” homes recently: “For example, what happens to homeowners in a Lennar subdivision when their builder suddenly bails out at 40% of what they just paid for their identical home? “Think of it this way: if you paid $250,000 for your […]