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  • Nothing like an Inman event in NYC!

    I’m always get excited before heading out to an Inman event… The team at Inman has always made sure I get some great visibility through speaking and moderating panels, and truth be told, I simply have a blast meeting up with all my real estate friends. This year is no different, they not only have […]

  • Capturing the Hallway Conversations at NAR

    Last Friday one of my companies, Spinnio, ran a live video chat with David Arquette at his Propr Clothing store that was hosted by Shira Lazar. It was so much fun with the two of them (and the many guests that walked into the store during the event) that it’s inspired me to do something […]

  • 4realz Roundtable: The Value of Home Values

    I’ve got something special planned for this week’s 4realz Roundtable. In honor of Realtor.com’s release of the home valuation tool, we’re going to cover the value of online home values! Join us on Thursday at 4pm (PST) to take part in the conversation! Of course, the discussion is what makes the 4realz Roundtable work, and […]

  • On Real Estate Radio in just a…

    …few minutes where we’re going to talk about 4RealzEd, RCG and more (program starts at 1 pm PST). UPDATE: You can listed to the entire episode here:

  • The Elevator Pitch for Properazzi

    They‘ve accomplished an impressive amount in only 11 months.

  • Fran Bailey has a great interview with…

    … a morning business show where she talks about the value of her Chicago real estate blog to her business.

  • Some choice words for real estate start-ups

    This interview by Global Property exchange with Simon Baker, who just so happens to be the CEO of News Corporation-owned REA Group, features a few choice quotes about web2.0 start-ups in the real estate space. Here are the two comments that stuck out for me: “You don’t have to look sexy to deliver.” “Sites like […]

  • The 4realz Interview with Pete Flint of Trulia.com

    As I said to when I started the 4realz interviews, I reached out to four players in the real estate technology space and asked them a similar set of 9 questions.   I purposefully picked four people representing four different companies at different stages of development and different types/levels of funding.   First was Marty […]

  • The 4realz Interview with Alex Chang of Roost.com

    After interviewing Marty last week, I thought it would be interesting to turn to Alex Chang (CEO of Roost) in order to get the perspective from someone entering the real estate search space from a different place in terms of timing, funding and resources… I first met Alex while we he was setting up shop […]

  • The 4realz Interview with Marty Frame of CyberHomes

    I couldn’t be more excited that Marty Frame, the CEO of CyberHomes, agreed to talk with me in this series I’m calling The 4realz Interview. I first met Marty Frame when he took me out to lunch during my job interview at Move. At the time he was the CTO responsible for consumer experience, product […]