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  • 45 Things I Learned at RE Connect

    (some names left anonymous to protect the innocent) There’s a hell of a lot of VC money floating around this industry. I was surprised at how many people there were with lots of VC funding. Joel seemed to notice the same thing: “a whole new crop of real estate search sites that are going to […]

  • Phil is right that dumping 11,000 homes…

    …previously valued at $1.3B for $525M is a huge deal for people who bought “Lennar” homes recently: “For example, what happens to homeowners in a Lennar subdivision when their builder suddenly bails out at 40% of what they just paid for their identical home? “Think of it this way: if you paid $250,000 for your […]

  • Disfunction at agentgenius?

    Agent A running Plan B:  “To cut a long story short, there is markedly limited potential to make a full time living at real estate in my area. Both for right now, and I strongly suspect for at least the next two years. I’m a positive guy, but I ain’t standing in the snow imagining […]

  • He may be mentally unstable…

    but Keith has a keen eye for humor.

  • Scary cause it’s real data: “Default notices are filed with the county recorder’s office and mark the first step in the foreclosure process. The increase in the default notice rate was highest in Northern California, 97 percent, and in the Central Valley, 85 percent.” Update: Tim Fiero makes an excellent counterpoint by bringing in more […]

  • Being paranoid about housing wasn’t enough, now Keith is creating a firestorm around the Nazis in Iran.

  • Wanting to buying a home, especially a really nice one, is like craving a drug.

  • While I’m busy feeling euphoric that Bloglines is back up, Mike and Greg have been kicking some bubble butt: 7 local real estate markets beating the housing bubble On the Nickel with the boys…

  • Tim, instead of adding an annoying set o…

    Tim, instead of adding an annoying set of rules at the bottom of each post, please feel free to send the mischiefs to the bathroom where potty talk is allowed.

  • Who should we blame for the falling hous…

    Who should we blame for the falling housing market??? The media? land prices? real estate brokers? building materials appraisers? ARM mortgages? rising interest rates? loose underwriting? speculators? Jonathan, you can add one more to the list:   Home Buyers!  (They agreed to buy the places, didn’t they?)