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  • The 4realz Interview with Pete Flint of Trulia.com

    As I said to when I started the 4realz interviews, I reached out to four players in the real estate technology space and asked them a similar set of 9 questions.   I purposefully picked four people representing four different companies at different stages of development and different types/levels of funding.   First was Marty […]

  • The 4realz Interview with Alex Chang of Roost.com

    After interviewing Marty last week, I thought it would be interesting to turn to Alex Chang (CEO of Roost) in order to get the perspective from someone entering the real estate search space from a different place in terms of timing, funding and resources… I first met Alex while we he was setting up shop […]

  • The 4realz Interview with Marty Frame of CyberHomes

    I couldn’t be more excited that Marty Frame, the CEO of CyberHomes, agreed to talk with me in this series I’m calling The 4realz Interview. I first met Marty Frame when he took me out to lunch during my job interview at Move. At the time he was the CTO responsible for consumer experience, product […]

  • The 4realz Interview

    Earlier today, I sent out an interview request to four real estate technology executives I admire.  The companies they run are at all different stages of development;  from companies with large revenues and relatively stable products to a new start-up just breaking into the industry.   And not only did all of them get back to […]