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My name is Dustin. I am a speaker, blogger and podcaster. This is my little corner on the web.

Not always the most consistent blogger, I plan to be back with short stories of interest. Lately, it’s been a lot of green hydrogen stories, but…

Also fascinated with digital marketing strategy, so expect there’ll be most posts along those lines in the near future

  • Nuggets of Green Hydrogen News

    Nuggets of Green Hydrogen News

    For anyone that’s been in a conversation with me over the past few months knows I’m fascinated by the potential of Green Hydrogen to seriously upend our energy consumption. Especially since the passage of the IRA, things are happening fast and furiously, so thought I’d summarize things from time-to-time that I’m finding most interesting. Nikola […]

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  • Let’s not try to boil the ocean… Or the “case for grey hydrogen“

    Let’s not try to boil the ocean… Or the “case for grey hydrogen“

    I totally get why articles like this are being published: Why the world’s first hydrogen rail may not be as environmentally friendly as it seems. It seems inevitable that just as we’re seeing all kinds of green hydrogen announcements (Germany/Canada deal, Amazon/Power Plug, etc.), there’s going to be a focus on how our existing hydrogen […]

  • Connecting at #REplus22

    Connecting at #REplus22

    Starting two weeks ago, I decided to brush the cobwebs out of my blogging fingers by making sure to post something fresh every day… Because I’m fascinated by the growth (and potential) of green hydrogen, I’ve been focusing my energy by doing a deep dive on that industry. Interestingly, the green energy community is quite […]