Trick to Successfully Live-Streaming an Event?

Hire professionals!

No kidding.  For a while, my previous startup ran a few live-streamed events and can tell you it’s hard stuff to get right.

A few months ago, my team was asked to capture HD video and live-stream the entire day for an “Access to Capital” event in Downtown LA.  Theoretically, my team could have tried to take this on, but we were super busy with the event and didn’t have the experience to do it right.

I reached out to some video folks who reached out to some folks who connected me up with the Livestream team.  I have been using the Livestream for a long time to host our live video streams, but didn’t know they had the ability to handle the production side of things.

Anyway, they rocked the boat.  While they’re may be cheaper options out there, I’ve never dealt with a live-streaming team that was so professional and on top of all the details.  When they asked, I was more than happy to throw a positive testimonial their way… which a friend just pointed out to me in an email is now live on their site: Livestream Plans.

Livestream testimonial

If you’re curious to see the quality level they we got from the Livestream production team, we chopped up the video to highlight the various panels from the day and posted them here: Want Funding? Let The Experts Guide You!

“I’m looking to secure about 200k to finance a multi-niche exciting blog”

Over on BofA’s Small Business Community, someone asked (“Securing business financing“):

Hello! and Happy New Year!

I was wondering could someone please advise me on ways I can secure business financing for my business, operating since January 2009. I already know that I will not be approve for traditional financing so I am not seeking traditional loans.

I’m looking to secure about 200k to finance a multi-niche exciting blog. I need to hire a team of Social Media Manager, SEO experts, Writers, Editors to make it one of the top ten blogs. We will also put together an expert panel that will offer live on-line training services, also.

I am looking for non-traditional sources of financing. I do have a business and marketing plan. Thanks for your input.

startup funding panel


Seems safe to say they are almost definitely going to have a hard time finding funding for a multi-niche blog, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible…

My response sent them to a blog post of highlights from the recent Access to Capital event (“Want Funding? 54 Insights from…“) that included videos, presentations, tips, etc. on topics like alternative funding, startup funding and crowdfunding.  My hope was to inspire them to seek out a resource they might not have otherwise considered… but know there must be other resources out there.

Where would you send someone looking for a non-traditional source to fund their business?