Zillow gives us some remodeling porn, and…

… surprise, surprise, it’s fun!

The idea is that they provide two photos of different rooms (or areas) of a house, and you get to vote on which one is better.  The process is simple… View, vote and repeat.   Getting the hang of the site only takes a few moments and it shockingly addictive.

Another feature is that you can sort rooms that rank high (kitchens, for example), which could provide some interesting remodeling and staging ideas.

Play around for a bit and one thing that will stick out is the poor quality of many of the photos.   If you’re anything like me, then you’ll likely find yourself not voting for a room because the photo is out of focus, the angle is bad or the lighting is inadequate.   I doubt it will be news to anyone reading this blog, but good photos are important and Zillow’s Dueling Digs does a great job demonstrating the benefits of great photography.

(h/t Spencer)