Seth says it is time to go without a…

resume, which I find quite timely because I just had a long conversation with a friend about the value of resumes this weekend.

I mentioned to my friend that I hadn’t put a resume together since I left engineering and I had no plans to ever create a resume in the future because I wouldn’t want a job that would hire me based on my resume as oppose to my reputation.

Interestingly, I even had an example to give my friend.  Not too long ago, a recruiter from Google contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in working in their Strategic Partner Development Group.  In terms of a corporate job, working for Google in NYC would be about as good as it gets, so I said I would definitely entertain the idea.

When the recruiter asked for a resume, I happily emailed her a link to connect with me on LinkedIn figuring this would suffice for a web-savvy company like Google.   It didn’t.   In order to file things correctly, she wanted a traditional resume.  LinkedIn was as good as it was going to get from me, so surprise, surprise, I never got another call.

Truth is, I’m not so principled on this particular issue to say I’d never put together a traditional resume, but at the moment, I’m not excited about getting back into the corporate grind.   I’d only jump back into that world if someone made me a ridiculous offer I couldn’t refuse and no one is going to do that based on a resume.