In adding the Facebook Recommendation Wi…

In adding the Facebook Recommendation Widget to RCG, I decided to try something a bit different and add it to the footer (along with the social scope plugin widget).

Does it work there? As kind of a “one more thing”…

My hope is that if someone makes it through an article, but doesn’t know what to do next, something in the plugin will catch their eye and keep them clicking articles. Your thoughts?

And you probably should pop over to a RCG article, like this one: Everybody LOVES Bank Fraud to see the recommendation plugin in action.

Just Launched: Facebook Like Plugin for Every Post on Your WP Blog!


The HomeQuest Team just launched a WordPress plugin that adds Facebook’s new Like button to every one of your blog posts! SWEET!

You can download it (free!) here:

It’s really easy to use. I added it to both and Rain City Guide in under 5 minutes…

Here’s what it looks like on RCG after a few folks have hit the like button on an article:

Here’s what I did to add it to both sites:

  • Download the plugin to a memorable place on your hard drive (desktop?)
  • Navigate to the “plugins” section within your WordPress backend
  • Click on “Add New”
  • Click on “Upload”
  • Click “choose file”  and select the zip file of the plugin
  • Click “Install now”
  • Click “Activate”

That’s all!  Now Facebook’s Like button will be displayed at the bottom of every blog post.

Test it out here:

Implementing Facebook’s Recommendation Social Plugin

Yesterday, Jeff let me know how Facebook launched the “like” button yesterday and a bunch of other social plugins, and it’s been a non-stop conversation around the M Realty office this morning.

The default “like” button didn’t work so well within my P2 theme, but I was able to get the recommendation plugin working with almost no effort at all… and it rocks!

It not only shows the number of folks who are sharing each article on my site, but will make personalized recommendations to you for articles based on the articles that you’re friends are sharing! So slick!

To get it launched on, all I had to do was

  1. head over to the recommendation generator page,
  2. fill in some basic information,
  3. click the “get code” button
  4. copy and paste the code into a sidebar text widget

It’s so darn easy, I decided to post it in this blog post!

Both agent review sites I mentioned…

last week have officially launched:

In terms of design and functionality, Incredible Agents is clearly ahead of the game at this point, but that is probably to be expected of a site in it’s second iteration

Incredible Agents has two features I find particuly interesting:

  • A scoring system that gives every agent a value based on their experience (years in business, number of homes sold, etc) and activity on the site.
  • Agent Interviews. This allows a consumer to “interview” multiple agents with a set of questions while remaining anonymous.  From a consumer point of view, this is a fascinating feature and it would be interesting to see if Incredible Agents can get consumer interest around this feature.

The features that make AgentRank interesting:

  • An API so that anyone can access their database of agents and reviews
  • Potentially more objectivity since agents can’t buy ads or placement on their site.

I find both of these sites interesting.  Assuming that one of these review sites starts to get some serious consumer traction, then that site will have just added one more thing for agents to track.

(By the way, I can’t help but note that, at least according to Google, the best agent recommendations still come from a real estate professional on RCG as oppose to an automated scoring system.  😉 )