LinkedIn just got…

…more interesting:

The developer program, called the Intelligent Applications Platform, will have two components.

The first is a set of APIs and widgets that LinkedIn will make available to its partners to integrate into their own sites. The second enables those partners to establish a branded presence in the LinkedIn community through Google’s OpenSocial development model.”

The article goes on to describe integration with BusinessWeek. When a company is mentioned in an article, LinkedIn members will be able to scroll over the name to see people in their network who are connected to that company.

It seems like a pretty logical (and nifty) way for LinkedIn to reach out to the rest of the web to add value to their members.

LinkedIn, because…

…my facebook addiction runs pretty deep (thanks mostly to so many of my family members joining up) and while I could easily set up another site similar to 4realz, I wouldn’t (easily) give up the freedom of having a personal blog. On LinkedIn the community is pretty weakly connected and really only good for finding another job.

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