“I’m looking to secure about 200k to finance a multi-niche exciting blog”

Over on BofA’s Small Business Community, someone asked (“Securing business financing“): Hello! and Happy New Year! I was wondering could someone please advise me on ways I can secure business financing for my business, operating since January 2009. I already know that I will not be approve for traditional financing so I am not seeking […]

“Trulia has now raised $33 million since

it launched. That’s big money – so somebody definitely thinks there’s a payoff somewhere to be had. The only question is from where?“

Estately brings home the bacon…

Long-time Rain City Guide contributor, Galen Ward, announced that Estately just got $450K in angel funding!  Congrats Galen! The Estately team is used to operating on a shoe-string budget, so it will be interesting to see what they accomplishes with this money!

Emails are flying around about Zilpy and Zillow…

What does it mean that the new rental valuation site (announced by Inman) is partnered with Zillow? Speculation is that Zillow may be (at least partially) funding these guys.  Anyone from Zillow care to clear it up?