Not only is Prudential rumored to be giving their…

listings to Trulia, but they just announced that they are giving all their listings to FrontDoor.

I can’t help but look at these announcements from the perspective of the Move team… And the fact that two large brokerages companies (Prudential and Realogy), representing a substantial portion of US listings, appear to have made the mental leap of faith that they are best off syndicating their listings as widely as possible, should serve as one of the clearest warning signs yet that the clock is ticking for My take is that Move and NAR will need to agree to do something interesting with soon or risk loosing significant market share going forward.

(Prudential news via Joel)

Congrats to FrontDoor for picking up…

Kelly Roark.    With her experience as a VP at both Inman and Trulia, she’ll be able to bring some great industry insights to the FrontDoor team.

One of the things I really like about Kelly is that she’s not afraid to get into the trenches…  A great example is when she came up to Seattle with Sami to meet with the RCG community.   The agent community was extremely skeptical about Trulia at that point, so I think it is appropriate to attribute at least part of Trulia’s success to Kelly’s ability to reach out to the broker/agent/blogger community.