Joe describes how to embed YouTube videos in a PowerPoint, but…

…I’d hate to rely on a working internet connection when in front of an audience!

When I embed an internet videos in a presentation, I always make sure to be running off a copy that has been saved to my hard-drive.

Here is one way to make this happen:

  1. Install the Firefox extension DownloadHelper
  2. Download & install Riva FLV Encoder (freeware – PC-only)

Using the DownloadHelper, you can now download video from just about any online site to your hard-drive. Assuming you want to embed a YouTube video, you’ll need to convert the resulting flash video to an MPEG format before you can embed it in your presentation.

Using the Riva software you can convert your file to MPEG format, but one step is a bit counter-intuitive since the software is “designed” to go from MPEG to flash.  (Detail on the steps can be found here)

Once you have the video in an MPEG format, you can use the standard tools within PowerPoint to embed the video into your presentation and you won’t have to worry about loosing an internet connection during your presentation!

Head’s up: I honestly have no idea about the legality of using YouTube video in your presentation, but my guess is that depending on who owns the video, this could be against YouTube rules and could be illegal.   Nonetheless, in the past, I’ve had a lot of luck by simply asking the permission of the person who posted the video if I could use it in one of my presentations…