EveryBlock is the agregation point for…

…all things local and it appears to be well done (here’s North Beach in San Francisco).   What I like is that it is a site dedicated to local content that does not require an active social network to be useful.  It’s just local, publicly available data… and lots of it.

They’ve got photos, news articles, crimes, permit info, and more.  The only piece that appears to be fairly obvious that is missing is blogging.  But then again, maybe they didn’t want to take on OutsideIn… At least not at this stage.

From a business point of view, I imagine the ad revenue opportunities are decent assuming they can get a regular crew of locals to follow their feeds on a regular basis.   I also like that the overhead on a site like this has to be pretty darn small considering it is just agregating feeds from elsewhere.

There is also a syndication play they could make.   The big guys (Realtor.com, AOL, Yahoo, etc.) are always looking for quality local content, so I would imagine there is some money to be made in being the best source of aggregated local content.

Final head’s up: At the moment, EveryBlock it is only available in Chicago, NYC and SF.

(h/t to Social Media)