End of the Google Reader era… Where’s my web version of Zite?

sad mobileThe official end of Google Reader is fast approaching and it makes me sad this Wednesday evening…

While my team still actively uses Google Reader every day, I must admit, I’m one of those “loyal” followers who has almost stopped using the product to connect with other bloggers the way I once did…  While people like Mike Mueller are looking for alternatives, I’m still surprised no one has given me a slick web version of Zite or Flipboard.

4 thoughts on “End of the Google Reader era… Where’s my web version of Zite?

    • If it helps, the shutdown had me try out the Feedly app since I hear they’re developing a tool to import/backup all your google reader feeds. Been playing with the tool for the past half-day, and really impressed so far. It’s got a clean interface like zite/flipboard, but (obviously) focused on the feeds you subscribe to. Seems like a worthy backup option for now!

        • Brad: I agree that that the Feedly interface is pretty slick! I haven’t been nearly as active with my feed reader in a long time, but two folks on my team have been talking highly of Feedly, so I’d give them props based on the recommendation of coworkers!

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