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Top 7 Ways to Ride a Bicycle that are Penguin Approved and Require NO Pedals

No pedel bicyclesEarlier today, I took two of our interns (@theAaronSam & @brittjohnson111) aside to give them a talk on Social Media strategy at D&B Credibility.  (It’s a talk I’ve given to just about every marketing intern that’s joined our program and something I really enjoy doing!).

One of the points that I tried to drive home to them is that good social media and good SEO are completely intertwined and that neither good social media nor good SEO has fundamentally changed since google first hit the scene in the late ’90s.

  • Good SEO Campaign = Creating pages that quality websites share
  • Good Social Campaigns = Creating content that quality people share
  • Greater quality sharing = more successful campaigns

With that in mind, I was so optimistic when I saw the title of this post on Search Engine Watch: Link Building the Right Way in 2013.

search engine land screengrab

I thought to myself:  “Ohh… Are they going to acknowledge that if you’re going to do link building ‘right’, then you’ll be focusing on creating campaigns that earn tons of inbound links???

But no… instead Chuck Price offered a few bland ways to “safely” generate some inbound links…  or as he says: “Top 7 Link Building Strategies that are Penguin Approved and Require NO Outreach.”

And truthfully, the more I dive into the article, the more disappointed I am…   If his premise is that you should be looking to generate links that “Require NO Outreach,” then the premise of the article is kinda absurd.

It’s kinda like writing a post with the title:

  • Top 7 Ways to Ride a Bicycle that are Penguin Approved and Require NO Pedals

Seriously, if you want to do SEO, but don’t want to take part in the “outreach” part, you really shouldn’t be doing SEO in the first place.

And because I should also be providing some helpful resources for those looking for good ways to do Link Building in 2013, here are two articles that show how quality SEO campaigns are somewhat timeless:

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3 thoughts on “Top 7 Ways to Ride a Bicycle that are Penguin Approved and Require NO Pedals”

  1. Hey Dustin –

    To be fair, the summary at the end of that article was this: “Follow these guidelines and you will be off to a great start for link building in 2013 and beyond. Stay tuned, as we will discuss several advanced link building methods here in the coming months”.

    I stand by that – getting links that don’t require outreach is a good place to start. I never said that was enough. As promised, we’ll get into some of the juicer and more advanced link building methods in future articles. For those who can’t wait, I suggest taking a peek at my slideshare presentation that coincidentally is titled “Link Building the Right Way” http://www.slideshare(dot)net/prowebpromo/newsfeed

    You’ll find lots of stuff there concerning content marketing and “earning links”.


    1. Hi Chuck! Thanks for the comment and I look forward to following your updates…

      The part that got me was the title Link Building the Right Way in 2013 didn’t match the content at all. A site looking to make some traction and do solid link building this year would get almost no traction even if they implemented all seven steps you suggest.

      It’s not that your suggestions are “bad”… they’re all good suggestions, it’s just that for people new to SEO who are looking to improve their site’s rankings, your suggestions would provide them with lots of actions that would provide almost no results.

      And for others looking for the presentation that Chuck mentioned, here’s a direct link:… and I do see a few ideas like Egobait (although i’ve always just called it as Linkbait) , that have some merit to them, although most of the presentation seems to outline the ideas discussed in his searchenginewatch article.

      1. Hi Dustin:

        The first part of the post (Risk : Reward) was a high level discussion of what kind of link building is right for 2013. That was followed up by my Penguin analysis. I would argue that both are highly relevant to the title.

        The “Top 7 Link Building Strategies that are Penguin Approved and Require NO Outreach” weren’t meant to be interpreted as the best link building practices for 2013.

        That said, I’m sure you aren’t the only one that understood it that way, so I appreciate the opportunity to clarify. Also – thanks for the link to the slideshare deck.

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