A Handful

Taking the Blog-First Mentality Seriously

A Handful
A Handful

Hopefully you’ve noticed that I’ve been blogging more than a bit more over here lately!  (and you may have noticed that I moved the entire domain from 4realz.net to dustinluther.com recently!).

At the beginning of the year, Wendy and I decided to challenge ourselves to blog more often…  I took it a step further and decided to not only challenge myself to blog more, but my entire team to publish more often.   I’ve been spouting the idea of blog first to anyone who will listen and I think it’s working!

Here’s some great posts from the engagement team this week:

1) Our newest marketing intern showed us all how good a “weekly summary post” can be:

2) Our social media coordinator,  Lennon Cole, wrote this great post on building brand advocates for your brand:

3) Our event marketing manager, Catherine Mangan, has a fun post highlighting an upcoming event we’ll be going to in Houston!

4) I get to take credit for a few posts as well:

In addition, RCG contributor Jillayne Schlicke was just named one of the most influential people in real estate by Inman News, so that’s awesome news!   and the little boy who wields one hell of a snowball, turned 7 today!  People around the office say he hasn’t changed a bit since his first internet photo!  😉

All-in-all, it’s been a great week!  And we still have a Friday left to accomplish (and blog!) more!

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Dustin Luther

As Director of Engagement at Dun & Bradstreet (@DnBB2B), I manage our teams focused on content, social media and events and always looking for opportunities to engage with small business owners and influencers, both online and in-person! You can find me on Twitter (@tyr), Facebook (dluther), LinkedIn (DustinLuther) and Google+ (+Dustin Luther).

5 thoughts on “Taking the Blog-First Mentality Seriously”

  1. Wow! I checked Rain City Guide once I think in December, and it was kind of a mess, and now you’ve fixed, beautifully. I spent November, and December with a designer for my blogs and got nowhere.
    Blogging is good for business, but I wish my blogs looked like this. I did just contract for a new HTML? website because I just can’t figure the WordPress Themes.
    Any tips?

      1. We get 50% of our new business from the internet. I blog daily, people read my posts, then end up at our web site through a link.

        WordPress has changed the way I do business in that I can do it myself without a designer, or developer.

        However, I have wanted a new website since last November. I paid a designer to help me with the site to the tune of $700. We got nowhere. So I chose a local website developer to build me a HTML? site, and that has been in progress for over six weeks, and another chunk of money.

        The Premium Templates have always looked a little hokey to me, until this last incarnation. For $79, and about two hours of my time I had a WordPress site up, and running, on the Dustin Luther recommendation. It looks OK, and gives me tons of options.

    1. Davao: So glad you found it inspiring! I know from first-hand experience how easy it is to get wrapped up in “work” and neglect to document all the good stuff we know and do! 🙂

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