How do you pick a great Twitter name?

Not too long ago, Wendy and I were spending some time trying to figure out what she should choose for her Twitter handle.   Her previous handle was associated with her company and she needed something that would do a better job representing her.

Not surprisingly, picking out a good Twitter handle is not easy… and I thought it might be helpful for others to hear about our process, especially since I really like where we ended up: @brandWendy.

Our first thoughts were to use her name, but her full name, @WendyForsythe was already taken by someone else.  And variations like @WForsythe and @WendyF, were also already taken or just didn’t look good…   I’m pretty sure that if her full name had been available, we would have quickly settled for that, but it wasn’t so we were forced to be a bit more creative.

So we started our creative process with some of the things she’s best known for: shoes & real estate.

We threw all kinds of ideas against the wall related to both of those (@WendyShoes @HighHeelWendy @WendysFashion @RealEstateWendy @REWendy and literally hundreds of other ideas), but nothing stuck.

After a few months… (literally)… of throwing out ideas, I think we were both starting to feel a bit hopeless and that a great Twitter name for her was just not available.

And then one day inspiration struck.  Wendy and I were talking about one of her professional strengths (positions/branding) as part of another conversation when the back of my mind lit up with the idea of @brandWendy for her Twitter handle.  We instantly looked it up and sure enough it was available!

There were so many reasons to love this name for Wendy.  Just some of the highlights:

  1. Wendy is known for being a branding expert, so having it be part of her Twitter identity is a natural fit.
  2. It’s a great play on words in that you could also look at it as Wendy building up a “personal” brand (i.e. “Brand Wendy”). (which @tcar immediately picked up on!)
  3. The domain was also available! (such a cool bonus!)

To be able to own a great twitter handle & the matching URL was too good to pass up… and well worth the months it took to find the inspiration!

To wrap up the story.  If you’re having trouble figuring out an appropriate Twitter handle, don’t dispair.  Just like in the good old days when many were sure all the good blog names were taken, there’s always room for another creative twitter handle.

And if you are really stuck, feel free to tell us your story in the comments.  There’s some creative folks in the 4realz community who just might be able to provide some inspiration.

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  1. It took a lot of brainstorming but I love where we ended up. My advice for people working on naming strategies is not to settle just because of the frustration of the search. Keep thinking, keep playing with different ideas and you’ll find the right fit.

  2. I do agree with your post. My twitter handle was taken so i had my name with the Underscore but the actual name i realized helps SEO. So i decided to use the name Real Estate Trainer. If you search in Google now based on that name it is on page 1. SO it is important to put a lot of thought into the naming convention on all social media accounts.

  3. Soon will launch a brand new Business Network like BNI, Chambers or Rotary… but with a twist! The business is Called MyNetworkOne.

    Question? Trying to to choose a twitter name and want it to be easy and memorable. BTW we are looking for help to in numerous markets.

    VP of Sales

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